Can you give me a better idea of the coloring for the pendant?

Yes. Here is a close-up view of the coloring. Keep in mind that each one is unique, so we can 100% guarantee that NONE of them will look exactly like this one. But, it's close!



Which organizations will you be donating to?

Initially, we will be giving 20% of our net profit from sales spread out among the following organizations: Southern Poverty Law Center, Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and the Women's March, Inc. We will then open it up for YOU to nominate a deserving non-profit that you think we should donate to after about 6 months, and make changes to our recipients accordingly. Further details will come.



Can these be purchased wholesale?

At this time, they cannot be. However, we have plans in the near future to create local events in which a city's residents can stamp their own on a particular day and in a particular place. Stay tuned!


So, which side are you on: Black Lives Matter, or All Lives Matter?

Great question!  We absolutely believe in the Black Lives Matter message, and that until it's fully realized and respected our country will continue to be in turmoil.  That said, we also believe that brown, red, yellow and women's lives also matter, since these populations usually get the bulk of unfair treatment, harassment and hate.  In other words, we are in solidarity with ALL movements that have as their core purpose the goal of doing what must be done to make our country deliver on the promises that ALL are created equal (and should be uniformly treated as such).