Companion Certificate

Companion Certificate

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Designed to accompany your Freedom Pendant, this aged paper certificate will have whatever name YOU want to have placed onto it along with the number that is stamped into your Pendant.  Your order date will be the date used in the text, and the Freedom Pendant image will be stamped into red wax at the bottom.

Important: while our system WILL allow you to order a certificate by itself, please be aware that if you do not order a pendant along with it AT THE SAME TIME, we will NOT be able to produce a pendant later for you that matches with the same "number" on the certificate.  This is the only way we can ensure the integrity of our numbering system to ensure that only one number is issued at a time.

Options: unframed, 11x17 standard frame with plexiglass, 11x17 premium frame with glass.  See pics. (premium frame has wide black wood border and glass, while standard frame has thin plastic black piping material that slides on and plexiglass) 


20% of net proceeds of sales will be spread out among 4 different charities that are fighting for freedoms. See FAQs for more info.


Certificate text reads:

United States of America, to wit No.

______________________ a free-born woman/man, personally requested the issuance of this document and reminder.


Her forefathers and mothers before her earned their freedom in all of the United States of America by virtue of having survived to create the family bloodline upon which she now stands.


This badge, mistakenly unissued in the 1800s, is now being issued to commemorate and forever signify the freedom belonging to her bloodline. The USA is a land of equality before the law, where rights aren’t dependent upon color, race, religion, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, or ANYTHING.


In testimony whereof, we have hereto set our hands and affixed this seal on this ____ day of ______, 2018