Storage Box

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It wasn't that long ago in history when a person of color could be randomly stopped and questioned about where they were going and if they were given permission to go there.

Traveling papers and free papers were often protected in tin boxes, or sewn (concealed) into clothing. (See "pendant and pin Symbolism" section for a pic of one)

Though we REALLY tried to find a manufacturer of tin boxes that would do the concept justice, we are quite happy to present this custom-made and stained wooden slide-top box to house YOUR pendant (when you aren't actually proudly wearing it!)

We GUARANTEE that when you slide open YOUR box, and you find YOUR pendant laying on a bed of jewelry cotton with a burlap overlay, you will smile in adoration!


20% of net proceeds for sales will be spread out among 4 different organizations fighting for freedoms. See FAQs for more info.